Discover the world beyond the traditional journey…

Tailor-made stays and itineraries to allow our clients to experience a discovery that is at once immersive, authentic and unprecedented.

Unique experiences in osmosis with nature, idyllic settings, infinity pools with a sea view, renowned spas, gourmet tables and even butler services… Luxury travel is available in a thousand ways. But in all cases, to experience precious moments and dream vacations, your setting must be exceptional, and the staging must be out of this world and tailor-made.


An innovative concept entirely imagined by the Travel & Fly teams, our Luxury selection goes further than a postcard, it helps to capture the soul of a country, to choose adventure and emotion.

We offer you the opportunity to go back to the original source of travel and redraw it through the authentic emotion that drives you to travel thousands of kilometers.

Our offer of Luxury trips is unique because they arouse astonishment and invite travelers to let themselves be surprised.


Choose the experience that suits you best through our different themes: Immersion, Luxury, Culture, Sensation or Nature…

Experience the magic of a unique and symbolic place in the best possible conditions: just you! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a place that reveals itself without stress, to better appropriate it and shape your own memories: that’s also what luxury is all about.

These tailor-made experiences transport you to the exotic world of other cultures and offer you the precious luxury of traveling with meaning.


Stay in a chic and trendy hotel in New York or Miami? In a historic villa in St. Petersburg, a maharaja palace in Rajasthan or a sumptuous oriental oasis in the United Arab Emirates? Our specialists share with you their best locations, which will seduce the most demanding travelers. Circuit, safari or autotour, the selection of luxury and prestige travels of our hotels selection gives you ideas to discover the world in its most beautiful splendour and fulfill your quest for elegance, comfort and refinement.

To each his dream of luxury & prestige.



“Extremely well-oiled organization! We were very independent (as a couple) but we knew that Travel & Fly was always at our side. Our recommendation is the Luxor temple illuminated at the end of the day, also the Discovery of Abu Simbel temple after the comfortable desert crossing. We loved the Overnights in some of the historical palaces, it made us feel like we lived in the good old days.“

Jen Summers



Let’s make your journey beautiful together. 


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